Mae & Rohe's Moody Engagement Session

When Rohe told me she was going to propose to Mae I had two immediate thoughts...The first one was, "OF COURSE she's proposing. They are *meant* to be together." But I think my response to Rohe looked something more like a million giant emojis of pure joy and excitement lol. I knew for quite a while that Rohe was planning to propose and we talked and talked about when it might happen and how we could get me there to sneak photos. But it ended up being more spontaneous while they were on a trip. She immediately text me after and asked me if she did good on setting up the phone to video the whole thing. I cried when I watched it. It was so them. Just the two of them, on a super private rocky beach in San Francisco. They were barefoot with the gorgeous Golden Gate Bridge behind them. Epic. She did so good.

Mae booked their engagement shoot so dang fast! We all knew this day would come and we were ready to celebrate! We had actually talked in passing about their some day elopement and what it could be like. They knew I was there for it and would go anywhere with them to make sure and capture every moment.