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No reservations art for people who want more than just a photo session

Everything in your life has led you to this point. You’re thinking about how you want to capture this important moment, how you’d like to remember these passing days. Maybe you want to have something tangible, proof of it all. Maybe you want your memories saved to pass to your family, to hang on your wall, the art that is your love story told in images to last forever. Or for no other reason than to say, I was here and this is the love we shared.

I'm here for all of it and cannot wait to hear how I can serve you and help tell your unique love story!

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I'm Codi. A visual storyteller. I love creating no reservations art with people who want more than just a photo. I feel so incredibly lucky to be let into other peoples lives - people just like YOU - and create with them and tell their story. I LOVE this job so incredibly much. I am SO EXCITED YOU ARE HERE!

Photography, for me, is so much more than a "say cheese" situation. It's art. An intentional, intimate experience between you and your love. You'll look back on your photos and think of more than just how you looked or where you were. When you look back at the images we create together, you will be brought BACK to that moment and *feel* it all over again. I'm offering you a moment, re-lived.

Your photos should be found by someone some day and even THEY can feel that moment. Photos are the visual love letters we leave behind. To our partner, to our kids, to our families, to ourselves, to the world. And I can't wait to get to know you and help you write them. 

I don't want to just take photos for you....I want to CREATE something magic, together.



in your life has led you to

this moment