Hey there!

I'm Codi!

I was born and raised in WA state -a true PNW girl- and now I live allll the way across the country in the sunshine and palm trees of Central Florida! With a huge sense of adventure, and to show my kids you truly can do anything you put your mind to, we packed our bags and made the decision to live out a dream. A dream of new beginnings, tropical beaches, and creating what you want in life. I LOVE being outdoors and the Florida sunshine is giving me LIFE. I already adore my home on the Space Coast.

When I'm not busy capturing the precious memories of my clients, I am out making my own beautiful ones. I am a wife and homeschool mom. I love adventure, visiting new places, being outside, good food, and experiencing the world with my family and friends. I love my people with a passion. I don't fit in any boxes. No really, like none of the personality tests ever fit me. Ever. I love being involved in my community.

If you couldn't tell already, I'm a feeler. I feel things deeply. I'm very intuitive and make connections quickly. I think this helps me a lot when I create. I get to know my clients on a deeper level and it's why I stay connected to so many of them far beyond our session. Which I just love! The relationships are truly my favorite part.

An elopement photographer stands with the rocks in Joshua Tree, soaking in the sun.

More random tidbits ABOUT ME...


I'll never say no to margaritas and tacos. In fact - do you want to go after your session?


My life motto: Love God, love people.


My go-to coffee order is a white chocolate americano with light cream, though I love to sub eggnog in the winter-only AFTER Thanksgiving. Feels so festive. But you'll NEVER catch me drinking straight eggnog...gross. lol


I love serving people. I've done multiple trips to Africa working in a village in Senegal. I miss the people I love and relationships I've made there so bad it hurts. When my kids are bigger I'd love to work with an organization that helps areas post natural disaster.