Hey there my fellow 'tog!

For the past ten+ years, I've passionately honed my craft, embracing a unique approach that goes beyond the traditional "Christmas card" photos and the "just another client" mentality. I believe in capturing not only authentic moments but the essence of those moments—the feelings, the connections, and the memories that last a lifetime. I also value the RELATIONSHIPS I create with the people who choose me as their photographer. NO ONE is just another client to me. And now, I'm excited to share this artistic vision with you.

Stay tuned as this section of my website is currently under construction and GROWING SUBSTANTIALLY!


MEET UP - virtual or in person

If you're local we can grab a cup of coffee, if you're not we'll hop on a call and you can pick my brain for an hour! We can take a deep dive on a specific topic or two or you can rapid fire questions for an hour. Either way, it will start with a questionnaire so I can get to know exactly where you are and after our time together Ill follow up with an extensive wrap up document with notes on everything we discussed including possible "homework" and action items we discussed to help you reach your goals.



Together, we'll meet up at a shoot that I've styled/planned for you and I to shoot together. We'll arrive early, before the models, and we can do some chatting about how I prep for the session when I arrive, etc. During the session you can watch me in action, you can take the wheel and put some things into practice yourself, etc. It will be a natural ebb and flow of us working together as I show you how I shoot a session! You can also ask as many questions as you want during this time! I can also help record some behind the scenes type videos for you so you can create reels for Instagram! This will be geared towards whoever YOUR ideal client is that you are trying to reach - and we'll plan all of it ahead of time together.

This session will last about two hours.



Before anyone ever gets a chance to chat with you, they'll "get to know you" by your presence online. I'll give you a full audit of all the places you have a presence on the web (Instagram, website, Pinterest) and send a fully detailed report of all the places you are doing well, and more importantly, all the places you can improve your presence online with a detailed list of tangible, actionable items to improve.



This is the real deal, the whole enchilada, the ultimate package if you want the full mentorships experience. This package includes ALL the individual options that have been listed above and will really elevate the entire experience and pull it ALL together from start to finish.

Over the course of one month, we will cover everything. You’ll get the ALL OF THE ABOVE OFFERS - PLUSE A POST PRODUCTION MEET UP - with the option to break them up into separate days, unlimited email and text all month to ask me any questions about anything along the way. Over the course of the month I’ll do a FULL AUDIT of your Instagram and Website as well as your portfolio and any other places you’re present online and make suggestions for any changes I think could benefit your business.

If you want to learn MORE than just shooting technique and REALLY dive deep into reaching and booking more of your ideal clients this is THE BEST ALL AROUND WAY to really grab your photography business by the horns and take lead to make the changes you want.

Because of the pure amount of involvement this intensive takes, I only offer ONE per month so I can give you my undivided attention.

Payment option are available but it must be paid in full by the day we start your mentorship.