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How do I book you?

After looking around here and reading about The Experience I offer and basically stalking me to see if you think you love what I am offering, send me an inquiry through my contact form here on my site, and I'll be in touch with you so we can get to know each other! We'll chat, work out all the details of what you're envisioning and the rest will be history!

A 50% retainer is due to reserve your date. The remaining balance is due before the day of your session/elopement.

Do you travel for weddings & elopements?

HECK to the YES I do. It's kinda my fave. Let me know this is what you want when you inquire and we can make a custom quote and package for your special day!

Do you travel for engagement or family sessions?

I ABSOLUTELY will. When you send me your initial inquiry, make sure and note that! I'll need to give you a custom quote for your session.

Do you offer mini sessions?

I do offer them from time-to-time, but it is only a few times a year at most. I never book one-off mini sessions. They are always held all on one day, back-to-back style at a single location. The best place to watch for these are announcements on my Instagram stories.

How many photos will I get? Do I get every image you shoot?

It's almost impossible to tell you an exact number of images you will get beause each session is unique. And no, you will not get every image I shoot.

Part of the process of editing includes culling out all the "bad" shots where someone blinked, made a silly face, or the angle wasn't quite right, or a myriad of other reasons why it just wasn't worth including.

I do promise up to 60 images will be delivered in your regular session gallery but I tend to be very generous when it comes to delivered images. ;)

For weddings and elopements I'd say I average about 60 images per hour shooting BUT that completely depends on exactly what your day looks like and what we are doing during our time together.

My motto is to always over deliver on my promises and everyone is always so, so happy with their gallery is when they receive it.

How will I receive my images?

I deliver all my images via email in a custom online, password protected gallery that you can access directly and even share with your family and friends!

You can download the full high resolution images directly to your own computer! Downloads are unlimited and you can even order prints directly from your own gallery!

Do you give RAW photos?

No. Part of the reason you choose a photographer is for their art and style. Choosing and editing your photos is a HUGE part of the final product and delivering RAW or unedited images would not be my work.

How long does it take to receive my gallery?

Regular sessions take about two weeks. Elopements can take up to six.

I do offer an add on option to your package to upgrade to a VIP Delivery Timeline if you want or need your images faster.

Do you shoot with a second shooter?

Honestly, not typically. I've done this solo for so long, I kinda just have my rhythm down and feel 1000% confident in my ability to capture all the things on an average elopement day.

HOWEVER, we can easily add a 2nd shooter to your package if I feel it will be needed for your particular plans or you'd like one!

Do you photoshop your clients?

I will absolutely photoshop out a blemish that is not typically part of your body: a breakout, a scratch, a bruise, accidental food stuck in your teeth. lol Anything that will not be there anyways in a week.

I WILL NOT alter you to make you look skinnier or to change you. REST ASSURED, though, that I am really good at choosing good angles, especially if I know you are worried about something specific. So just let me know ahead of time what you're worried about and we will make sure you feel super comfortable during your session and get images you love.

What do I do if I lose my images?

Well, you're in luck! I keep them forever. But, there's some caveats...

Your images will be in your temporary online gallery for up to 6 months. After that your gallery will come down and be inaccessible. As soon as you get your gallery SAVE THEM via the instructions I send when delivering your gallery. It's so important.

I will NEVER intentionally delete any images I have ever shot in my lifetime. I keep all images on labeled external hard drives and baring a seriously unfortunate event, I plan on having them forever, though I cannot guarantee it.

There is a $100 replacement charge if you need a new gallery created after it expires.

How do you keep the photos safe?

This is such an important part of my job. Im kind of obsessive over it.

First, I shoot with a camera that can write to TWO separate cards at the same time. Which means immediate back up if something goes wrong on one card.

Also, during weddings and elopements, I SWITCH OUT my cards throughout the day. You will NOT catch me shooting on one giant card all day long. This way, if something did happen to a card, it wont be the entire day anyways.

Next, I'll get home from your session or elopement and back them up on an external hard drive. And I will NOT use the original SD cards for another session until your gallery is delivered. This means your images are always in three or more places until you have them.

What about bad weather?

More often than not, I'm going to embrace whatever the heavens bring us. The added depth that a windy or cloudy day can bring to your images is genuinely something I adore and cannot be replicated on purpose. And you can only get that if you go out in it! If the weather is genuinely dangerous, we will absolutely reschedule.