It wasn't long after Jona and Angelo's adventure session to THE SALT FLATS that they were already talking about the next one. A vow renewal at Mount Rainier. Whether I was down to go on another adventure with them was not even a question. IM ALWAYS DOWN.

We had it on the books for almost a year, and patiently waited and planned. We stalked the weather all spring waiting patiently for the snow to melt, which took so.much.longer. than usual lol. But we easily bumped the date and made the trip just before I moved across the country. Mount Rainier still had a good amount of snow, but not too much that it made it impossible to trek to our spot with minimal gear. We made it in perfect timing for sunrise and had the most beautiful light for their session.

After such epic shoots as the Salt Flats in Utah and Mount Rainier in Washington, they're now "collecting" session at new, amazing places. Maybe next will be a beautiful Florida beach...